Luxton Bylaws


A.  The business and affairs of the Center shall be managed by an Executive consisting of:

1. Past President 9. Sports Equipment Manager
2. President 10. Registrar
3. President Elect 11. Canteen Manager
4. Vice-President 12. Youth Director
5. Secretary 13. Hall Rentals
6. Treasurer 14. Publicity
7. Hockey Convener 15. Grants and Special Programs
8. Soccer Convener

 B.  Executive Job Descriptions:

  1. Past President — Shall have no specific duties except to act in an advisory capacity and shall remain active Past President until there is a new Past President (in the case where President is reelected to office).
  2. President — Shall reside over all monthly Executive meetings. He or she shall generally supervise the affairs of the Centre. The President shall also be the liaison between the Centre and other organizations. This is a two year term.
  3. President Elect — In the President’s second year, a President Elect is elected and will shadow the President for the year, with the assumption that he/she will assume the role of the President in the final year.
  4. Vice-President — Shall assist the President and step in as required when needed. He or she chairs the Conflict Resolution Committee. Shall be responsible to ensure that all Executive members have a current Child Abuse Registry Check, and will ensure that all Child Abuse Registry Checks are stored in the safe in the Community Centre office.
  5. Secretary — Shall act as recording secretary at all Executive meetings and the Annual meeting and shall act as correspondence secretary as well in the regular course of the Centre’s business. He or she shall be responsible for notifying the Executive of meetings.
  6. Treasurer — Shall receive monies for the Centre and shall deposit same in the bank designated by the Executive. He or she has the authority to pay regular, ongoing bills as necessary. All other bills for special equipment or expenses will be approved by the Executive. He or she shall submit a financial report at each Executive meeting. This person shall also assist the accountant with the financial review of the Centre’s books. This position is a two year term.
  7. Hockey Convenor — Shall be responsible for all hockey activities and running of same. Shall report to the Executive throughout the season and shall be the Centre’s liaison to affiliated associations. Shall also notify the coaches/instructors of meetings and provide these people with pertinent information.
  8. Soccer Convenor — Shall be responsible for all soccer activities and running of same. Shall report to the Executive throughout the season and shall be the Centre’s liaison to affiliated associations. Shall also notify coaches/instructors of meetings and provide these people with pertinent information.
    1. Mini Soccer Convenor
    2. Recreational Convenor
  9. Sports Equipment Manager — Shall be responsible for purchasing sports equipment and uniforms with Executive approval. Shall update and maintain an inventory list. Also responsible for the issue, collection, storage, and maintenance of sport uniforms and equipment and will issue equipment to team coaches as required.
  10. Registrar — Shall be responsible for holding registration with sports convenors for various sport activities of the Centre and the collection of registration fees. Shall maintain records, issue receipts and prepare the deposit of all collected fees with the Treasurer promptly.
  11. Canteen Manager — Shall be responsible for the shopping for the canteen, programs, activities and special events. He or she will be responsible for ensuring that the expense of the for sale items is not higher than the selling cost. He or she will collect the daily deposit slips and prepare the final deposit for the Treasurer promptly. Shall submit financial reports at monthly Executive meetings.  He or she will recruit and oversee volunteers working in the Canteen for special events. Must hold a food handling permit or be able to obtain one, at the expense of the Centre.
  12. Youth Director — Shall schedule and organize the operation of any youth related activities.  Shall organize all children’s functions (ie. Movies, dances, etc.). Shall submit monthly financial reports when required. This position is a two year term.
  13. Hall Rentals — Shall supervise and/or organize the Centre’s hall rentals. Shall be responsible for keeping records of all functions and reservations. Shall submit financial statements for each event at monthly Executive meetings. Shall also turn over monies to the Treasurer promptly.
  14. Publicity – In cooperation with the Executive shall prepare such notices and arrange distribution as may be required for the Centre’s activities and, in general, all advertising through social media (i.e. Facebook, etc.), maintain and updated the Community Centre website, and prepare notices to schools.
  15. Grants and Special Programs – Shall be responsible to apply for grants and special programs involved with the Centre, to follow through, and to report at Executive meetings.

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