The main club building at 210 St Cross features 3 levels of usable indoor space. The main floor consists of the office, canteen, washrooms, a computer room and a large open recreational space where some video games, television and other group activities are enjoyed.

The basement consists primarily of storage space for sporting equipment and other outdoor activity equipment.

The second floor of the facility is our Hall which is available to the public to rent for community or private events. Hall rental information can be found here.

The Rink is open year round for outdoor activities. In the winter it is available to the public for skating, in the summer it is available for outdoor activities like basketball, skateboarding, inline skating and many other safe activities.

The splash pad is open for limited daytime hours in the summer and is staffed by City of Winnipeg pool staff. The pool is filled and drained daily in season.

The field is a large green space used for youth soccer and baseball leagues as well as for the community at large.